Bracelets: One of the most underrated accessories

by Vaibhav Sharma

Not many people know this, but wrists and hands are known as the “expression zones” of our body. As we talk and communicate and express our ideas, they are visible to our audience. Likewise, the bracelets and wristbands we wear are visible to our audience too, and these wrist accessories can make a real positive impact in our outfit and into their minds as well.

Nonetheless, different kinds of bracelets like cartier bracelet, tennis bracelet, friendship bracelet, ankle bracelet, bracelet for men, bangle, gold bracelet, hermes bracelet, evil eye bracelet, gold bangles, charm bracelets, are some popular choices among the people which are timeless and practical with most of the outfits you choose.

Adding a perfect balance of glamour and class is important. So, we’ll tell you some tips and tricks you should go through before pairing your bracelets with your outfits.



Always consider the environment and occasion before picking a bracelet for the day. If you are wearing it to your office or work, refrain from carrying large-size and dangling bracelets that can make a lot of noise and disturb the ones around you. You don’t want to distract others, and yourself too. The bracelet you wear to your work should be sober should stick to a classy yet minimalistic look which goes with your work culture. For example, pick a neutral bracelet if you’re choosing a stylish outfit and vice versa.


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Likewise, if you are hanging out with your people, or if you’re at a date or a dinner party, don’t be afraid of putting up a statement bracelet that gives your outfit the vibe you desire.

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By far, the best classic look is a simple black outfit  with a gold or silver bracelet. Other than this, you can also pull off a classic look with a matching earrings set and bracelets. Add on a minimalist matching statement necklace or a Leather Pu Crystal Ring bracelet and be the head turner of the party.

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This one is a forever applicable. But don’t forget what’s the goal here: Do not load your arms with too many bracelets. You need to keep it classic and elegant, and a single bracelet on one arm is .ore than enough to complete the outfit. However, if you still want to experiment, wear a few bracelets with different patterns, widths, and colors. With the right type of outfit, multiple bracelets can look good too.



As we already mentioned, do not overdo with any accessories. Stick with less. Stacking a few is alright but there’s a fine difference Between elegantly stacked bracelets and overloading.



During mixing and matching too, you should always consider one colour scheme. For example, it’s tempting to mix silver and gold bracelets but it looks messy to other people and won’t give you the vibes you want. On the other hand, mixing a gold bracelet with a rose gold bracelet can take your outfit to another level.



Finding a bracelet that fits perfectly on your wrists is as important as finding the right bracelet for your outfit. A good bracelet should comfortably fit on your wrists. If a bracelet is too narrow or tightly fitted, your wrists will look big. Similarly, if your bracelet is too large, It will dangle more and give you a hard time adjusting. No matter how beautiful the bracelet is, your fit is important.



We’ve told this to many of our friends, avoid wearing a bracelet if your outfit has a full sleeves shirt or top. You will want to pull up your sleeves to show off them off, but trust us, it isn’t worth the efforts. Save them for sleeve-less or half sleeves outfits.


Bracelets are one of the best and underrated accessories to complete or compliment your outfit wherever you are. There’s no reason you should avoid giving them the shot they deserve. Check out our exquisite jewelry collection at Maddi & Rose and find bracelets which you think will go perfectly with your outfits. 

Watch out this space for more how-to guides, news, and updates. Go slay!

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