How To Be the Best Bridesmaid in History

by Vaibhav Sharma

Being a bridesmaid is the best. Its one exquisite club you get to be a part of, maybe for 6 month, maybe for an year, who knows?!

It does come with a lot of responsibilities, but you will have an eternal bond with the bride and your gang of girls.

We know pretty well you’re not going to take it lightly, so we brought up 6 tips for you so you can be the best bridesmaid in history.


Always be organized. The moment you know who are the other bridesmaid, start looking up for their numbers and emails. Start a group with all the girls, this way you will not only bond online, you all can share ideas and can start planning out what needs to be done when. You can also make a Google Docs and give access to everyone. Assign each bridesmaid a task. Yep, it’s like a job.

Know that it’s expensive, and don’t rant about it. When the majority of the tasks are done, expect to spend anywhere between a few hundred to 2-3000 bucks to be a bridesmaid. You have been warned! Do not act surprised when you add up the costs later! While it’s sure is expensive, we’ve tried to keep it quite reasonable in our latest sale collection at Maddi and Rose. Check it out.

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Tell her the truth, but only if she asks! Your bride will need an honest opinion about her hair, dress, makeup, jewelry, décor, the list goes on. If she asks for your opinion, tell the truth but be gentle. After all, it’s her day, and she is extremely emotional about every big and small thing. Honesty is good, but be as nice as possible.

Don’t be a problem. Leave that for the guests, you’re not allowed! Be on time at all events and be dressed accordingly. Remember, you’re asked to do a job, and your girl expects you to be the best at it. Don’t make this about you, make this about your friend.

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Don’t complain. Yes. You’ll have to spend the money. You’ll have to put efforts. It’s a lot of responsibilities and some things can and will go wrong, avoid creating a fuss, and take a moment to relax, your friend will surely support all your efforts and the contributions you’ve made, that’s why you’re the bridesmaid. As we’ve mentioned earlier, it’s expensive, you can order a few stuff here, to cut the costs.

Contribute. The bride will always be incredibly busy, so you gotta help her in the maximum ways possible, don’t wait for her to walk up to you and ask you to do something, take the lead, and distribute the work among other bridesmaids.




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