How To Choose the Best Gift for Him

by Vaibhav Sharma

As much as guys complain about shopping for women, finding a great gift for men can be just as complicated. Men tend to like either intense hobbies or nothing at all. And they also tend not to like change when it comes to their everyday items like a wallet, watch, or belt. A lot of thought goes into finding a great gift for him, let us help you take a little pressure off by providing awesome gift guides.

Believe us, when you guy complaints about how difficult it is to find the perfect gift for you, he means it, because finding the perfect gift for them is just as complicated. Men do not like change, they can use the same wallet, belt and watch for years and never find it boring, which makes it even more difficult. They happen to have some really extreme hobbies or nothing at all, there’s no between.

Keeping this in mind, we thought of putting together some tips and suggestions which will make it easier for you choose the best gift for him without wasting too much time and resources

Let’s start

Who he is to you

Pretty basic but important, you need to consider it and draw the line. Whether he is your friend, more than a friend, your partner, someone you’re dating, or something else. Get to know him more and more before the day arrives, note something he likes and gift him stuff related to it.

What’s his everyday life

What’s the first thing he does when he gets up? Go to the gym? Make coffee? Listen to music? These all are important clues to keep in mind if you want to gift him something useful, know his daily routine and check how this gift can make his life easy.

What his interests are

The most important one. Every guy is different, maybe he’s into the regular guy things like beer and sports, trekking and camping, cars and bikes etc. But you will never know, there aren’t any generalized formula to that, maybe he can like poetry and fishing, maybe he’s into cooking and sports, it can be anything. Again, know your guy, try to find all his interests, give them a thought and choose a gift accordingly.

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What’s his line of work

A top consultant at a multinational corporation will probably have different requirements than an engineer. Even something as small as a pen can make him stand out from the crowd, in a bad way. Know what would fit in and what wouldn’t, and gift him something which will go with his nature of work. For example, a black Aluminium pen will look better in a construction site, and a classy fountain pen will look better in a business setting.

Be creative

All of his friends are getting him a tie. Believe us, they don’t want any more of them, he’s had it on Christmas, his birthday, his wedding, and at office. Think of something which only you know about him, and gift him something related to it. This will bring back a memory and make a bond between you two which you’ll share together.

Don’t break the bank

A gift needs to have a meaning, more that it needs to have a monetary value. If you are able to find something personal and specific, he will respect that and love you, even if it’s worth 1 dollar. We also suggest that you make your own gift, this will mean more than anything to him.


What drives him

A man always has some dreams he wants to live. Get to know, what is a thing he always wanted to do, or to have, where does he wants to go? A small gift in that direction will make you respect you a lot and will push him further to achieve that thing.

Think about his dreams. What is something that he has always wanted to do? Where is a place that he has always wanted to visit? Support his dreams with something small that will help or encourage him along the way.

What entertains him

You probably figured it out already, but it can get tricky, there are quite a few things that interests a man, good games, good wine, good food etc, choosing from them can be hard at times depending to his moods. Know the season, read the room around him and decide accordingly.

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What generation he belongs to

Something which seems cool to you might come off as too fancy to him. It’s kinda tough to figure out generational tastes of different people. If there’s an age gap of 5 or more years, you should consult someone of his age, to find the right taste and ultimately the right gift.

That’s it. We hope now you have a pretty good idea what will serve him better and what won’t. If you’re still confused, we recommend to go through our For Him collection on Maddi and Rose, maybe you can choose a few!



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