How to Choose the Perfect Gift for Her

by Vaibhav Sharma

Guys, do you struggle finding the right gift for the women in your life? Don’t worry you’re not the only one.

Finding the perfect gift for women is hard, we know it, especially when it comes to cosmetics, fashion, and lifestyle.

So, we thought of coming up with some tips and suggestions for you guys so that you can know the do’s and don’ts of buying gifts for your lady

Let’s start

Know who you are shopping for

Giving a women an impersonal gift can lead her to feel unappreciated. You need to picture this person and get her a gift that you know she would like. Also, think about the profession she’s in, is she a musician, a sportsperson, or a student? This will give you important clues about what gift to choose.

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Take note of important events

Yep, this is worst you can do. Guys tend to forget about important days like birthdays or anniversaries due to a busy work life.

There’s no harm in noting down the dates in your calendar so you don’t miss out. Women don’t expect you to get something expensive, even something simple can make them happy if it’s gifted on the right time.


She’ll give you hints

Yes, most women will give you hints about certain things when it’s closer to their birthdays or other events.

These won’t be some specific stuff, they’ll just let you know how they’re feeling or how much they’re comfortable with you spending.

Listen! These are the best help you’re gonna get, remember what she says and choose a gift accordingly.

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Be creative

Don’t follow the crowd. There are always some super obvious gifts ideas for events like Valentine’s day and birthdays. Ask yourself a question, has your women always given you the same kind of gifts over and over again? Be creative! It will mean a lot more if there’s some work put into it, and it’s something unique. This will show her how much you care about her.


Don’t get something too expensive

Remember, something unique is always better than expensive. Many guys tend to think that a one particular gift is “better” than some other one. But this isn’t true.

Women appreciate something which has been well thought out, rather than something which has no meaning in it other than being expensive.


Don’t gift her something you secretly want

Believe us, you can make this mistake, a gift for her should be all about her, and nothing else. It would just be awkward when she opens the gift and finds something which isn’t much value to her, but you seem super excited about it.

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The re-gift

Got something in your apartment you have never used, yes it’s tempting to box it up and wrap and give away, but it’s also very risky.

Make sure you’re not gifting back to the person who gave it to you in the first place. Also, if she finds out you just packed a thing in your home and regifted, she will probably be very upset.

On the other hand, if you’re really sure about the thing you’re going to re-gift, go ahead, for example, if it’s a book she will one hundred percent love, you can gift that. But still, think this through.


Plan in advance

Don’t wait till the last minute to search for the perfect gift. If you’re ordering something online, make sure you choose the best shipping plan so that she receives on the right day. At Maddi and Rose, we take shipping very seriously, and give our 110% to make sure it’s arrived on the day you want.

A late gift is always upsetting, no matter what it is!

And that’s it. We hope you now know which direction you need to look into, so that your loved one will remember the day for a long time and ultimately will remember you!

If you’re still looking for answers, check out our For Her collection at Maddi and Rose and see if you can find something which she’ll like.




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