How to Select the Perfect Picture Frame

by Vaibhav Sharma

Due to the pandemic, we are spending a lot of time inside our homes. With less things to do, those blank boring walls can and will make your life dull, and can make you less creative as well.

How to choose art, and how to frame your works and paintings and pictures is something which every home décor enthusiast should know.

Believe us or not, something to fill those walls can save your sanity, and can even make you productive in these tough times.

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Choosing the right picture frame is tricky. You need to keep in mind the pictures to be used, the art which will go with it, and your work which will be highlighted better with the right frame. One size doesn’t fit all here, you need to ask yourself (or your people), what style do you prefer, classic art or contemporary? Are you going to have photos of your family or the landscapes?

If you are an avid art collector like us, we recommend you go with something personal. This way, you will never be tired of it. If you think about it with our perspective, anything is an art once you put it in a frame. Our friends who are just passionate about collecting art, tell us they collect hundreds of original prints, canvases, and original art, but they also collect just as many interesting mission statements, tweet screenshots, receipts and vintage tech posters.

But, if proper art is you motive, we’ll suggest you something: Go with your gut feeling. We believe that art is just about feeling. If looking at a simple piece of colored paper makes you happy or optimistic or loved, it holds value to you. It doesn’t have to be heavy on your pockets, believe us, most of our friends' favorite works are simple and abstract things that they picked up while exploring new places or while their everyday lives. We also recommend you to use social media to your advantage here, follow one artist you like. The algorithm of the platform will suggest you others that you would like.

White Marble Picture Frame Maddi and Rose

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You shouldn’t stress much about whether the picture frame is an exact fit for the color scheme your home has. It doesn’t need to be a perfect match. In many families and households, there’s a mix of classic and modern art. Mix the art with your frames and family photos in the walls above the beds, couches, and the dining table. You can even set up s small collection in a small corner of the room.

Now that you have picked the right art, it’s time to frame it. One thing you need to consider before choosing a picture frame is that it shouldn’t draw away the attention from the piece you want to frame. It shouldn’t compete with the required art. Something natural, like a sleek black or white frame, or a minimalistic wood picture frame. They look good, and are more versatile with almost any art.

Last but not the least. Where you place your piece is important if you want to make the maximum impact. We believe that pushing the limits with scale can lead to exciting applications. For example, choose one large framed piece on a wall that is comparatively smaller. Or else, place a small sized piece off center for an offbeat and asymmetrical composition on a large wall.

With these points, your living space will look as pretty as a movie set of your favorite old time classic. Go to our exquisite picture frames collection at Maddi & Rose curated just for the piece of art you want to frame.

Watch this space for more updates on lifestyle, gifts, celebrations and much more. Happy shopping!


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