Stocking A Proper At-Home Bar

by Danielle Marinakis

We are in the new golden age of cocktails. Entertaining with a properly stocked bar welcomes your guests. Whether a drink before dinner or a cocktail party. Cocktail making is an art, but you do not have to be an expert. Maddi and Rose has a selection of bar essentials to create an atmosphere of decadence for your home entertainment needs.


If you have a bar cart, you are off to a great start. If not, try using a beautiful tray on sturdy furniture to hold your bar essentials.
Placement is critical. Make sure there is enough room for your guest to be able to shake up their favorite cocktail. There are beautiful trays to work with your home's aesthetic.

Essentials for The Bar

Basic liquors work well and can be mixed easily with cocktail mixers. Infusions are also a perfect way for ready-made drinks that any mixologist would approve. Add ice and a garnish of your choice. We have a line of mixers and infusions.
Do not forget the essentials ice, seltzers, ginger ale. Fever-Tree mixers are in pretty packaging and will not take away the beauty of your bar.
Add an ice bucket, beautiful glasses, and a bowl of lemons and limes.
Wine, we cannot forget the wine. Make sure to have a selection of red, white, and Rosé.

Make it Special.

You are setting the mood. Splurge on glassware, put away the red plastic cups, PLEASE. You are creating an environment of decadence and fun —a beautiful cocktail shaker along with the tools. Stir and shake back to the ear of when cocktails had a special hour, post-Prohibition-era glam. has a beautiful selection of "wines that have a story and integrity." They ship to most parts of the US and are super knowledgeable on every wine they carry. Our personal favorite for the summer is LANDWEIN RHEIN "PINKE PINKE ROSE" 2020 WEINGUT SCHLOSSMÜHLENHOF

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