Tips for Entertaining at Home

by Danielle Marinakis

Tips for Entertaining at Home

Are you hosting dinner parties or cocktail parties often? If you are then you know how difficult it can be to keep everyone happy and coming back for more. One reason that people tend not to enjoy attending dinner parties or cocktail parties is the fact that they are filled with stress. The truth is that many times when people are stressed out they simply do not have the energy or zest to enjoy themselves and this makes them want to stay home and relax instead of going out to enjoy themselves.

entertaining at home


To create entertaining at home a bit easier, have compiled a list of 10 handy tips to help you throw an enjoyable stress-free event that both you and your guest will thoroughly enjoy. When entertaining at home you should always remember that you are the entertainer first and the hostess second. It is your job as the hostess to serve the guests and make sure that they feel like family while simultaneously making them feel like they are welcome guests to the event that you are hosting.


The first tip for entertaining at home is to host a holiday dinner party. This allows you the luxury of time to make any necessary food preparation as well as decorating the room in your own preferred style. With the holiday dinner party you can also choose to host a children's party as well, which will allow you to cater to their age group and get them involved in the festivities. Hosting a holiday dinner party is the perfect way to celebrate the season.


The second tip for entertaining at home is to host a buffet dinner. Buffet type dinners are wonderful for all ages, are easy on the budget, and provide plenty of dishes and foods that are appealing to most people. Another plus side to serving buffet style meals are that they provide you with the opportunity to put together a variety of appetizers and finger foods that the entire family will love. If serving a buffet dinner for adults you can always throw in some interesting healthy fare for the adults and kids alike. The more people that eat at your gathering the merrier it will be for everyone.


The third tip for entertaining at home is to host an intimate get together for your friends and family. Elegant party Hostesses will often choose to host cocktail parties where guests mingle with each other and enjoy a fun time. A cocktail party is an intimate gathering of close friends and family that is designed to be fun for everyone. Hostesses that are serious about entertaining can create a fun party by taking the time to create an all adult party that is filled with games and kiddie activities.


Finally, the last tip for entertaining at home is to host a dinner party. This allows the hostess to get together with the bridal party for a lovely evening of conversation and laughter. These types of parties are perfect hostess parties for bridesmaids to help celebrate the upcoming bride. The bridesmaids will feel special because they will have a chance to assist in planning the wedding, and the hostess gets to relax and enjoy a nice meal. These are just three of the many entertaining ideas that hosts offer to make their parties a success.

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